The Round Robin Pairing Generator Add-On was designed to be intuitive easy to use. Detailed instructions are provided here.

If you run into any problems, have suggestions or feedback on how to improve the app, please email

Select the number of participants

  • You can create pairings for up to 40 participants, which is the upper limit of a large class size and should fit most use cases. Larger groups are impractical for use in Googlesheets.

  • If you have an odd number of participants, the add-on will add one automatically to make the pairs.

Add/Update Names

  • The participant sheet will provide a list of placeholder names in the form of "participantN". Replace these names with participant names as needed.

  • When your group has an odd number the extra name can simply be left blank or given another placeholder name.

View Pairings

  • On the Pairings sheet, you will see one two column block for each round robin group.

  • Each pairing group has a default name in the form of "Pairing N". Customize group names as desired.

  • The participant names are populated by references to the names in the pairings sheet. Do not edit the formulas.

  • There will always be n-1 number of pairing groups. So if you have 8 participants, they can be matched up in 7 distinct pairing groups.

  • Note that this sheet is formatted to be print friendly not view friendly

Print Pairings

  • Use the Print PDF action to quickly generate a printable document that is set up to print one pairing group per page.

  • For more than 20 participants, the font size and spacing is reduced to allow an entire group to be printed on a single page

  • You can of course use the native print functionality in the googlesheet and set up a desired custom print format manually.